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Joey Atlas Reviews By Fast & Furious 6 "is still better than in the series

How funny is breathtaking stunts in "Bystryy & Furious 6"?

Let's just say that if the individual race cars in this movie actually started talking to each other, a la Lightning McQueen and Mater in "garage" franchise, it will only have the most amazing trick Tuesday or Wednesday they perform.

These cars are not only defying gravity, they go on - well, I do not want to let it go. But it craaaaaazy.
Despite all the difficulties billion "Fast & Furious" franchise is really picking up momentum, with "FF6" dispersal as the fastest, most fun and fantastic yet Joey Atlas Reviews

If we see the work of trick or special effects or dish company director Justin Lin continues to raise the bar, will smile knowingly and WTF moments like the car would not be able to manipulate and keep people flying through the air and landing with a complex type that can only be killed or injured, just dust yourself and appear in the next scene of the bruises cleverly placed.

"Ride or Die" is a mantra often repeated-Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and Brian O'Connor (Paul Walker). Of course, this is the way they ride that keeps putting them on the brink of death.

Dom and Brian began this series on opposite sides of the law, but Brian police days are long gone. He married Dom sister Mia (Jordana Brewster) and they just welcomed a son. House, Brian and the other crew members were scattered, living off grid in a warm retirement.

Nothing could lure them back to the old ways and dangerous. Nothing!

Good. As we learn in the "Fast Five" (recall SPOILER ALERT!), Dominican girlfriend, Lettie (Michelle Rodriguez), long considered dead, really cold. Hold on, that would make it a zombie. She lives what we want to say.

Sports shirts that look like they would be too close to Zoe Saldana and with such arrogant posturing we half expect him to step back in the ring, Dwayne Johnson as Luke Hobbs returned, an employee of CIA "Fast Five". Hobbs theater, plunks down an image file containing Lettie very lively and offers a deal: If the House and his team to help catch terrorists Hobbs who is on the verge of becoming the world upside down, Lettie Hobbs need for the "so you can make your family 'thing overall." response if the Hobbs threw a full apology at all, it is a bargain.

God (and ladies), start the engine. It only takes a series of phone calls to reunite the members of pillars, including Roman (Gibson Tayriz), West (Chris "Ludacris" Bridges), Han (Sung Kang) and Gisele (Gal Hadot). In addition, to participate in a CIA unit: Riley (Gina Carano).

Gina Carano GREAT fun to watch. Former fighters of mixed martial arts star and a feeling of "Knockout" Steven Soderbergh has a bit unnatural to her line readings, but two of her fight scenes with Michelle Rodriguez in "FF6 "just epic.

Although reduced in many international locations (and Southern California), "Fast & Furious 6" is set mostly in London, and during the chase scenes can ignore the actual physical location, making Lin great use of all their locations.

Luke Evans to simply as a super villain Owen Shaw, compulsory OPV is particularly cruel legendary super villains. Diesel and Walker are adept at looking good and provide sufficient proof lines, each line after the script requires serious emotional recovery. This is contrary to Gibson and provide comic relief.

We went with the "Fast & Furious" movie for action, not action, and as the opening credits of the film franchise back to us, I realized that I could enjoy the characters main as they careen between the deadly stunts and cheap grilled scene where they continue to talk about the importance of family.

"FF6" can not be less credible if the animation, but that's kind of the point. We have all the men look great and their amazing machines, and they really believe that if you drive fast enough, and you love me in the car than the bad guys to do bad things, people man, you can finish first.

It's a film that knows exactly what he wants to be, and almost always complete success of this mission.

Epilogue Spoiler: For reasons beyond me, "Fast & Furious" franchise is not the time. In third place "Tokyo Drift" actually takes place after the film Wednesday, Thursday and Friday - and extremely interesting teaser "Fast & Furious 7" means that the film will take place after " Tokyo Drift. "
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