Wednesday, 24 July 2013


We can not afford a child?
Fourth concerns the charts are materially secure new family. This concern is mainly suffering women who earn more than before becoming pregnant partner, and they fear that without their income family can not make ends meet.

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Baby is certainly a large financial burden, but in addition to the initial equipment (some of it you will surely get a part, you can borrow) to breastfed babies during the first year of new things does not need too.

 For inspiration, look at: How much is a child.
We'll be good parents?
Top five concerns concluded worry about the fact that you will not be able to handle a child a good education.

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An important part of the education partner, according to psychologist’s fill-in interview.
Sit down with your partner and talk about what you have your own opinion on the education of children.

It is important to determine the borders, when you bring out what is already in training for you and what you are unsustainable approach to some controversial topics, such as corporal punishment and the like.

"Go to hell with theme soundman about my hormones
 No idea how terrible it is!" described his (actually a bit racier) response to this comment from your partner Elizabeth.

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