Monday, 14 October 2013

Kyle LEon Scam - the foods plays an important role in the diet

A minority would have to replace animal protein with plant protein in the diet, and they are often referred to as "vegetarian" (a vegetarian but they are not completely vegetarian means of Buddhist monks) Visit:
One of the foods plays an important role in the diet or vegetarian soy food made from soybeans.
For these people, they come with vegetables and fruits because they believe that this is a safe food supply and most nutritious.
At the other extreme are people, including some working in the health sector, tend to question this, and because they do not have the evidence suggests soy to positive effects on human health. Many of the debates happening on a scientific forum in the air,
"hot", and an ideological divide were clear: a party favor, a party against. In a conference in San Francisco in 1998 that this reporter attended, after fellow-speakers from Mayo Clinic presentation on the pros and cons of soy, a series of comments were extremely noisy given that even two chairs also cannot control the discussion! Visit:
Even in the Vietnamese community, such a debate is going on, but it looks like with the way personal beliefs, feelings and emotions rather than science.
People believe that soy is "an excellent source of nutrition", but also that the use of soy can be harmful to health. But both sides have little or no evidence of the scientific literature, but based on some information from the internet and the opinions of a few doctors in the community.

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