Thursday, 19 September 2013

Joey Atlas Reviews By Dangers Of Vegetarianism

Dangers of vegetarianism are as follows:-

• The lack of certain amino acids that are needed for growth and
development of children;
• A lack of vitamin D;
• Lack of plants vitamin B12, which is required for the functioning of
the nervous system and the blood;
• If you eat grains, there may be a lack of vitamin C, which leads to
slower development, growth of children, the appearance of anemia,
rickets; it is all happening because of malnutrition; Joey Atlas Reviews
• Because of the refusal to eat dairy products, there is a lack of vitamin B2.

Many doctors today are against vegetarianism. They believe that one
could choose at least a mild version of such a diet in which you can
eat eggs and dairy products. Then at least would cause harm to health.

Fast without harm to health - Believers who observe all the rules of
Orthodox fasts and feasts, joking: "The bread and porridge - our
food." Each of us loves the holidays, but is willing to fast is not
all. Health benefits and has long been an important spiritual meaning
is the sandwich system of posts and meat-eaters.
Alternating periods of food and eating lean meat helps cleanse the body of toxins, improve
immunity, and improve the structure of blood, well-being and work the
whole body. For some, the post for medical reasons is not a problem,
and someone such gastronomic limitations are contraindicated

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