Monday, 23 September 2013

Joey Atlas Reviews By Truth about Cellulite - Figure Brush for Cellulite

Truth about Cellulite Review by Joey Atlas -Build your own a homemade body scrub to combine with oil or anti-cellulite cream. Ingredients: Joey Atlas Reviews
1 cup sea salt 1 tablespoon cinnamon powder 6 drops rosemary essential oil 6 drops essential oil of grapefruit or lemon or orange ½ - 1 cup base oil (almond or jojoba)
Preparation: Mix the salt with cinnamon powder, a part mix oil base with essential oils. Then join both mixtures and the scrub is ready.
If you want to add to the mix a few sheets of dried rosemary for color, a bough enough. Application: Apply the scrub on problem areas with circular movements, i.e. pushing more bottom-up. Exfoliating cream for about 3-5 minutes or more each way, if you have sensitive skin reduce the time by about half; then rinse well, towel dry and fresh as is the skin, apply the cream or oil against cellulite.

Let's talk about the ingredients: sea salt exfoliation and offers in conjunction with the movements of the hands increase blood circulation. Leaves skin clean and glowing.
Joey Atlas Reviews:Cinnamon also offers exfoliation has cleansing properties and also stimulates blood circulation. Essential oils from citrus act against cellulite by strengthening the lymphatic system and have strong antioxidant activity.
        Rosemary essential oil stimulates circulation blood and has strong antioxidant activity. The base oil deeply moisturizes the skin and soothes. Leaves skin healthy-looking and lenient.

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